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Classic CMS Segments On YouTube

The CMS Sees Ian Hunter 23:29
Neeley and Chris Receive a photograph of rocker Ian Hunter from CMS friend Chantel. They are shocked by Ian's new look, just before the show goes off the rails.
We're Partyin'! 72:16
Neeley and Chris review an online video review for the release of AC/DC's BACKTRACKS Box Set!
Sister Bertha Bangers 08:13
Calling in from a show for KEIF, 104.7 FM THE ROCKET, Neeley and Chris interview "Sister Bertha Bangers", America's craziest church lady.
Booze, Kooz and Newz! 69:33
In this episode, The Rev comments on how THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW stole their web name and pointed it to a porn site.
Meet Neeley and Chris!
Here's some photos of Neeley and Chris being the idiots that they are!

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