• 1 Whitesnake's Joel Hoekstra Joins The CMS Saturday, October 10th.
  • 2 Death Dealer's Ross The Boss Joins The CMS Saturday, October 3rd.
  • 3 Madame Mayhem Joins The CMS Saturday, September 26th.
  • 4 Guitarist Jack Frost Joins The CMS Saturday, September 19th.
  • 5 Guitarist Gus G. Joins The CMS Saturday, August 29th.
  • 6 Stratovarius Joins The CMS Saturday, August 22nd.
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The History Of The CMS
The Classic Metal Show has stood the test of time without ever compromising.

Started by Neeley in 1996, The Classic Metal Show has only gotten stronger amidst numerous controversies, hurt feelings and it's "no bullshit" approach to Classic Metal and Comedy.

Learn The History Here
Image: Neeley, Eddie Trunk, The Classic Metal Show

The Show's Creator and Rudder of the Ship

Powerful Man
Chris Akin

The Wild One that really doesn't give a fuck about much!

Resident Asshole
Rexx has been the longtime mascot of the CMS from the beginning.

This character has become synonymous with the relentless talk that occurs on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW.

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