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Operation: Mindcrime

It’s 2016, so it’s fashionable to shit on Geoff Tate. It’s also the thing to do to say that his new project, Operation: Mindcrime, is terrible, compare it to what his previous band Queensryche is doing, and hate it because it’s not the same. Not at all fair, really...but I get it. That said, if you can move passed comparing to another band, accept that Tate is trying something different, and judge the music contained for what it is, you might just find some music that you will enjoy. RESURRECTION is the middle piece of Tate’s three party trilogy about the global takeover of the world through digital banking and the corrupt practices of controlling the financial world from behind a keyboard instead of through any sort of physical means. The story of “K” is pretty interesting, and would read well in a graphic novel. That said, Tate’s introduction to the story (called THE KEY) was not that good a release. It was far too experimental, and unlike his great opus OPERATION: MINDCRIME, it lacked anything catchy to compel the listener to dig deeply into the story. With RESURRECTION, that has been corrected somewhat. While a lot of the material is still slow, it sets a much more compelling path vs. THE KEY. Songs like “Left For Dead” are strong enough as stand alone material, which gives a listener the space to dig into the lyrics a bit more and discover what is going on in Tate’s Illuminati-like global takeover.

PITRIFF RATING - 70/100 - Far from brilliant, but certainly a more listenable collection of storyteller progressive rock/metal, RESURRECTION does a nice job at continuing what has, for me anyway, become an interesting story. I look forward to seeing how it concludes. Recommended...if you can avoid a comparison to Queensryche.

Chris Akin

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