Image: Alter Bridge, The Last Hero

Alter Bridge

There are some bands that just do no wrong. For me, Alter Bridge is one of those bands. Every release has been better than the last one. Hell, even the side projects (Slash for Myles Kennedy and Tremonti for Mark Tremonti) have been exceptional every time out. Without any surprise at all, THE LAST HERO is great. It takes another step forward for this band. While they never seem to break out as a huge band in today’s market, they are one of the very best. In many ways, they remind me of a band like Sevendust; a band that consistently was great but just never found that massive success for some reason. No matter. They keep up the excellence with THE LAST HERO. As a vocalist, Myles Kennedy is light years above just about everyone singing today. His sound is unique to himself, and yet pretty accessible to everyone. He and guitarist Tremonti are the stars on THE LAST HERO. Well, actually the songs are the stars. You can’t help but find yourself rocking out to songs like “Show Me A Leader” or “Losing Patience”.

PITRIFF RATING - 95/100 - Alter Bridge is a bit more modern and a bit less “genre specific” than most bands out there today, but there is no denying their greatness. THE LAST HERO is the best of the five releases to date, with no end in sight for this band. Highly recommended.

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