Image: Meshuggah, The Violent Sleep Of Reason


You either love Meshuggah or you don’t. The innovators of djent, or math metal, or headache metal...or whatever you want to call it, there’s a consistency you can always expect with them. For their genre, they are much like Tool in that they remain aloof and distant from any of the attention whoring that having a loyal fanbase generally brings. They make their music, do their tours, and then disappear completely for awhile before repeating. They have re-emerged somewhat suddenly with their latest, THE VIOLENT SLEEP OF REASON. While this will do nothing to lure in anyone new, it will equally not disappoint any of the already converted. This is straightforward Meshuggah...period. It’s definitely not as good as OBZEN, and at the same time there’s really nothing bad to say about it either. Tracks like “Born In Dissonance”, “Clockworks” or anything else on the disc could be mixed into any release of theirs without sounding any more jarring than the rest of the material.

PITRIFF RATING - 80/100 - Meshuggah is a band whose name has become more fun to yell out at a concert than their music actually is to listen to...but that’s certainly no indictment on them. THE VIOLENT SLEEP OF REASON is what you’d expect from them. Nothing more here, but certainly nothing less. Solid, standard Meshuggah.

Chris Akin

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