Image: Mad Margritt, Love Hate and Deception

Mad Margritt

Mad Margritt is one of those bands that’s been slugging away in the trenches for a long time, but just never has been able to break through. Sure, their style has always been steeped in the 80s hard rock/hair metal genre, but there’s been a ton of Swedish bands that haven’t been as good that have still gotten more attention. So be it, I guess. With LOVE, HATE AND DECEPTION, Eddie Smith and company have heavied up their sound significantly and created the best release of their career. It’s old school, but there’s something to be said for the sound of talented guitar players just tearing up a solo in the middle of a song. While I’d still love to hear them work with a studio engineer that captures a huge arena rock sound, there’s no denying the addictive fun of rockin’ numbers like “The One You Love To Hate” or “Never Enough”. This music is strong.

PITRIFF RATING - 84/100 - Atlanta’s best kept secret returns with their strongest release to date. It’s as simple as that, really. This is clean, powerful hard rock that’s more Dokken than Poison in style, and yet has a deeper edge than either of those two bands. I can’t imagine fans of that era of music not loving LOVE, HATE AND DECEPTION. Recommended.

Chris Akin

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