Image: Metallica, Hardwired...To Self Destruct


Like any other Metallica release that has come after MASTER OF PUPPETS, it comes with lots of questions, lots of haters hating, and even more diehards bitching about the haters. After 8 years of waiting, Metallica returns with a strong, somewhat confusing and definitely the most pure definition of what this band is that they’ve ever done. More than anything else, the band seem to have tried to give something to everyone that’s ever listened to the band on HARDWIRED. There’s fast songs like “Hardwired” and “Spit Out The Bone” for the old guard. There are a lot of more mid-tempoed songs like “Halo On Fire” or “Dream No More” for the Black album crowd. There’s a few tribute songs for their heroes (“Murder One” for Lemmy, “Ronnie Rising” for Ronnie James Dio). Finally, there’s even a bit of stretching out artistically, as songs like “Am I Savage” point out. In the end, when you try to pack that much into one release, you get a bit of a mixed bag, which comes down to your level of fandom for that band. As a Metallica fan, there’s enough for me to really like. If I was a hater, I’m sure I’d still like 4 songs...maybe 5.

PITRIFF RATING - 81/100 - Metallica makes music I like, and I have no shame at all in my game to ever admit being a fan of their stuff. Damn near all of it, in fact. That said, there’s a couple of songs here I doubt I’ll ever listen to again, but for the most part, HARDWIRED...TO SELF DESTRUCT is more than I would have ever expected. Strong listen.

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