Image: Devilskin, Be Like The River


I’m a sucker for a female fronted hard rock band. Give me a band like Halestorm or Lacuna Coil, and I’m pretty much good for weeks. Give me a band that combines the two, and I’m about as musically good as a person can possibly be. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Devilskin!

Featuring music that you might find created if Sevendust and Lacuna Coil’s tour buses collided, Devilskin has a very strong sound that is at once diverse, emotional and entertaining. Without question, the appeal of the band is vocalist Jennie Skulander. Her smooth, yet powerful vocals soar throughout songs like “Pray”, which also does the old Lacuna Coil thing of enhancing the vocals with a snarling vocal accompaniments here and there. Musically, they are pretty solid, although they keep things a little too safe from song to song for my taste. I’d like to see a bit more diversity to match the incredible range that Skulander showcases...but that’s just me, I guess.

PITRIFF RATING - 77/100 - Being unaware of this band to this point, I’ll definitely be looking to hear their past work. Jennie Skulander has one helluva voice that you just want to hear more of. BE LIKE THE RIVER is a strong release, although it peters out a bit at the end because most of the material is similar. That said though, if you have any love at all for the aforementioned Lacuna Coil and (to a lesser extent) Halestorm, it’s doubtful you won’t latch onto this release for awhile.

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