Image: Niterain, Vendetta


It’s interesting that in their press release, Niterain’s publicity team calls them the “heirs to the throne” of the now retired Motley Crue. Hearing the blatant ripoff of the disc’s first song, “Lost and Wasted” from the Crue’s “Wildside”, they might believe that. But when all is said and done, Niterain seem destined to be another in a long list of forgotten foreign sleaze bands of the last 15 years that wanted that title but just didn’t have the spark to get there. VENDETTA is about as plain as it gets. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t especially good either. There have been bands that had much more of that “spark” to raise up in this genre over the last decade. Crashdiet comes to mind. Listening to songs like “Come Out” or “#1 Bad Boy” (no, not a Poison cover song, which somehow makes it worse), you can tell these guys really WANT to be the next wave...but just don’t have whatever it was that separated the winners from the losers back in 1985.

PITRIFF RATING - 65/100 - If the ONLY style of music you listen to is hair metal and your whole life circles around what’s next for Poison, Ratt, Dokken or the Crue, you will probably like Niterain. I still doubt you would love them, but you won’t hate them. To these ears, they are just generic music that might have had a Pretty Boy Floyd shelf life in 1987, but won’t come close to that in 2016. It’s a novelty act that’s no longer novel.

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