Image: Kreator, Gods Of Violence, Mille Petrozza


There must be something really fucked up going on in Germany these days, because every last one of these German bands releasing music are providing the most fierce material of their career. Accept, Primal Fear and now Kreator have all released some of the most fierce music in their existence in the last couple of years. For Kreator, GODS OF VIOLENCE is a masterpiece that absolutely obliterates their last release PHANTOM ANTICHRIST (which many considered as their album of the year in 2012). The comparison is not even close. While many might point to their releases of the 1980s, I would argue that Mille Petrozza and company are packing far more rage into every song than they ever have before. GODS OF VIOLENCE...indeed.

There’s not a bad note on GODS OF VIOLENCE...not a bad song, not a moment that drags. There’s not one real complaint I can offer other than it doesn’t keep on going. Full of the fire that they have always provided which teeters them between all out thrash on the verge of being death metal at times, GODS OF VIOLENCE is one of the most musical albums of their career. Songs like “Army Of Storms” club you in the face like a sledgehammer, while the epic march of “Hail To The Hordes” is as Euro-Metal as it gets. Petrozza and fellow guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnio lay in fat solos and punishing rhythms that carry you like a Tsunami would a rowboat adrift in the ocean.

PITRIFF RATING - 99/100 - I know it’s the first week of 2017, but I would be astonished if this one isn’t top 3 in my end of the year countdown. GODS OF VIOLENCE might be the very best of Kreator’s long career. If it does nothing else, it raises the bar sky high for every other band releasing metal in 2017. Simply, GODS OF VIOLENCE is as good as it gets these days.

Chris Akin

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