Image: Jack Russell's Great White, He Saw It Comin'

Jack Russell’s Great White

Let’s just all be real for a second, folks. This whole trend of having two bands with the same name because members don’t get along BUT are legally attached somehow is just plain stupid. Yes, we all get that everyone has to make a living, and yes, we get that it’s worth more money to each side to use the established name instead of starting over. That said, music is entertainment, and nothing is entertaining about confusion. Nothing at all. Further, in most cases, the parts never are as good as the whole. While not awful by any stretch, HE SAW IT COMIN’ is a prime example of this. Again, while a decent release, vocalist Jack Russell does himself a disservice by having “Great White” as part of the band’s title, because this simply doesn’t sound like anything that’s previously been associated with the name. In fairness, ELATION from the “other” Great White wasn’t that much closer either.

HE SAW IT COMIN’ is a pretty standard, run of the mill rock record. For his part, the oft-sick Jack Russell sounds great on this. His band is solid as well. The real issue here is the material. While not bad by any stretch, the bluesy soul that made Great White what they are known for is simply not here. It tries to be on songs like “Crazy” (which is as close to the classic sound as it gets here), but it just doesn’t get there for the most part. Again, I don’t want to hammer on this as being terrible because it’s not. Songs like “Sign Of The Times”, “My Addiction” and “Blame It On The Night” are all listenable, decent tracks. They just don’t sound like Great all.

PITRIFF RATING - 65/100 - If you’ve ever met Jack Russell, you know he’s one of the nicest guys in the world of rock n’ roll. Given what the guy’s been through, and the fact that he’s not the typical frontman dickhead that so many of his contemporaries are, you want him to be successful. HE SAW IT COMIN’ just isn’t going to do that, though. Standard and without that signature instrumental sound that worked so well with Russell in the band’s heyday, HE SAW IT COMIN’ comes off a bit flat and dull. I wish I could say something different.

Chris Akin

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