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Nine Inch Nails

Maybe time passing has taken the luster away from most people when it comes to the release of new Nine Inch Nails music...but not this guy. For whatever reason, there’s just something satisfying about a trip into the abyss of Trent Reznor’s mind that makes any new release entertaining. Maybe it’s the fact that it can be so different from release to release, or maybe it’s the fact that regardless of the changes employed, there’s a universal vibe to his music from release to release unlike any other prolific releaser of music in history. While I’m not sure what it is, Reznor always delivers material that is challenging, entertaining and, ultimately, a realistic representation to the brand “Nine Inch Nails” which he has created. Add one more release to that score with NOT THE ACTUAL EVENTS. This is exactly what you would hope for from Trent.

Technological advances and the addition of Atticus Ross may have helped Reznor move this release along in his mind, but NOT THE ACTUAL EVENTS meets and exceeds expectations that the last few releases fell a little short of. “She’s Gone Away” could be the very best composition he’s done since the material that made up THE FRAGILE. This plodding, painful sludge into insanity is very reminiscent of a time that most thought had passed Reznor by. Other songs like “Dear World” have that early 90s pop flair of THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL or BROKEN’s better material without losing any of it’s rage (as some of the later singles from THE SLIP or HESITATION MARKS did).

PITRIFF RATING - 93/100 - This is a pretty damn good listen, and one that will have Nine Inch Nails fans begging for a full release worth of material. NOT THE ACTUAL EVENTS is, hopefully, the precursor to something great. If this is the new BROKEN, I can’t imagine how good the next DOWNWARD SPIRAL will be. Very strong release.

Chris Akin

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