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Yet another excellent Sepultura has been released, and no sooner does it come along than the same tired internet trolls start with the same ol’ bullshit about how it can’t be good because the brothers are no longer in the band. It’s been 20 years, cocksuckers...we know your opinion. Really, it’s only you that is hurt by this stance, as you have missed some excellent extreme metal along the way...specifically over the last 3, now 4 releases. MACHINE MESSIAH takes some chances along the way, but in the end it’s Sepultura and it fucking rages!

For the most part, MACHINE MESSIAH is a violent murdering of your eardrums that doesn’t come up for air often. Songs like “I Am The Enemy” and “Silent Violence” are vicious tracks that blaze forward without much room to breathe in. Andreas Kisser’s guitarwork throughout is excellent, while the rhythm section of bassist Paolo Jr. and drummer Eloy Casagrande is a solid as anything they’ve ever done. As we said though, they take some chances. “Machine Messiah” opens the release and is so absolutely different from anything they’ve ever done before that you actually have to look at your player to make sure it actually is Sepultura playing. The clean, low vocals of Derrick Green is definitely a new feature. It works here. The orchestration on this song, as well as the intro to “Sworn Oath” showcases some growth from a band that’s been around long enough to rest on their well established laurels.

PITRIFF RATING - 94/100 - Haters be damned. Sepultura hasn’t done a truly bad release in 19 years since “the split”. Since Roorback, there’s barely been a bad song here and there. MACHINE MESSIAH is yet another excellent release. This would be a great place to start seeing what so many of you are missing.

Chris Akin

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