Sixx A.M.

I don’t think it’s a secret to many that Nikki Sixx is kind of an ego fueled dickhead. At least to me, that’s the impression I get. I guess that when you add a lot of money to someone that was an anti-social punk in his youth, the result becomes just that as they get older. In any event, dickhead or not, I do admire the fact that he has taken chances with his career outside the box of “Motley Crue” and tried some different things. Sixx A.M., while it feels pretty corporate and sterile, is one such vehicle for Sixx. It’s been an OK ride for this band, pretty much because of the other guys to be honest. PRAYERS FOR THE BLESSED, VOL. 1 was a bit flat. The new VOL. 2 is somewhat stronger.

Vocalist James Michael is Sixx A.M. in my eyes. This guy has a very cool voice, and he does do a lot of different acrobatics with it. Songs like “We Will Not Go Quietly” find him in fine form, even if the song itself sounds like a derivative ripoff of “This Is Gonna Hurt”. Michael is a great vocalist and keeps this otherwise typical radio rock interesting. Guitarist DJ Ashba seems to have left most of the edge in the Guns N’ Roses rehearsal studio, as there’s not much here in the way of memorable material. Again, this is not to say that Ashba or any of the songs are bad. It’s just a lot of radio rock “blah”. Songs like “That’s Gonna Leave A Scar” try to rock hard, but come off sounding like an 80s band trying too hard to relate to the kids of today instead of their own era.

PITRIFF RATING - 51/100 - If you are a diehard Sixx fan, I’m sure you’ll find this as blasphemy. So be it. I don’t judge music by my feelings about the guys in the band. Sixx A.M. is a typical radio rock band that will be remembered as a footnote to Sixx’s legacy with Motley Crue; not for anything it’s done on it’s own. PRAYERS FOR THE BLESSED, VOL. 2 doesn’t change that fact much.

Chris Akin

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