Image: Eclipse, Monumentum


Eclipse is one of those bands that’s never going to be a stateside household name. Facts are just facts. Far too often, that happens to bands that really deserve better. It is certainly true in this case. While you have to be pretty deeply ingrained to the world of Melodic Rock to know a lot about Eclipse, you can regularly experience great music from them by digging that far past the surface level dreck that pollutes the music scene. Continuing the excellence that 2015’s ARMAGEDDONIZE provided, MONUMENTUM is a very tasty, fun and appealing slab of classic, melodic hard rock that will prove more than adequate for those that love this style of music.

Eclipse continues to be a project centered around vocalist Erik Martensson and guitarist Magnus Hendriksson. With that, they continue to deliver quality music from song to song. Listening to MONUMENTUM, there’s not a bad song anywhere to be found. Martensson sounds great as always. His clean voice sores with majestic grace throughout songs like “Killing Me”. There’s almost an aura of excellence to his voice; one that you envision comes from someone that just knows he’s excellent. Hendriksson lays in tasty riffs that accompany Martensson’s vocals perfectly. The two create memorable music throughout MONUMENTUM over the bouncy bottom end created by bassist Magnus Ulfstedt and new drummer Philip Crusner. They all team beautifully throughout, powering songs like “The Downfall Of Eden” to get stuck in your head.

PITRIFF RATING - 91/100 - This is very strong material from an always strong band. If you are into melodic rock, your collection needs MONUMENTUM added to it. The band sounds great. The songwriting is masterful. The production is mint. The entire package is the way it should be. Well worth checking out.  

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