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Davey Suicide

There’s a tendency at the end of each musical era for fans to bitch that there’s nothing “new” to listen to. Almost universally, that’s false. Reality usually proves that there’s plenty of music within just about any style that has once found success. It’s just not spoonfed to the masses the way it once was, to where you have to dig a little deeper to find it. There were millions of people that quite literally worshipped the emo-industrial rantings of Marilyn Manson two decades ago. There were equally as many that were into the horror-industrial uptempo vibe that Rob Zombie was creating after disbanding White Zombie. Those fans now all cry that there’s nothing new to listen to. Wrong. Davey Suicide is on his 3rd release that should fulfil the musical needs of any fan of either Manson or Zombie...that is, if you can stop waiting for the radio to tell you the material is good.

Davey Suicide spent the last year battling with his previous label. While that struggle may have gotten him a lot of attention around the world, it also served to diminish the focus on the music this guy and his band of marauders have been creating for years now. With MADE FROM FIRE, Suicide and company are not really doing anything that different from DAVEY SUICIDE or WORLDSIDE SUICIDE. Instead of getting desperate and trying to lean into some shitty trend while grasping for attention, Davey Suicide stays the course and simply offers another collection of 14 great songs that are aggressive, intense, melodic, industrial and appealing. Songs like “Too Many Freaks” (which features Twiztid) would fit on either of the other Davey Suicide albums. In reality, it will also leave you thinking of Marilyn Manson’s “Mobscene” as well. In reality, that’s kind of the description that any song could have. They are original to the sound Davey Suicide has crafted, which is an amalgamation of sounds that were great two decades ago. All this is done without sounding dated or as a rip off of these past platinum artists. It just fits.

PITRIFF RATING - 92/100 - MADE FROM FIRE is certainly Davey Suicide’s finest effort to date. The band is tighter than they have been previously, and there’s an air of comfort that has replaced the more depressed, desperate tones from the previous releases. This is a great listen.

Chris Akin

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