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Night Demon

There are plenty of people out there that bitch and moan about today’s metal. Fair enough. The overall direction of this next generation of metal may not be for everyone. I certainly can understand that people who came up on NWOBHM bands might not dig Killswitch Engage, Asking Alexandria or any of the Screamo Emo bands of the latest generation. That’s fair. Aside from them showing respect to Dio, is there really any way to compare Rainbow to Killswitch Engage? Probably not. This said though, those that spend their time endlessly bitching about the new era of metal almost universally DON’T support those bands that keep the traditional sound alive. This is most prevalent in the thrash world, where bands like Havok and Warbringer brilliantly carry the torch and are virtually ignored by fans that can’t move past AMONG THE LIVING or BONDED BY BLOOD. The same in the more traditional metal. If you love straight up metal, then you should be almost required to support Night Demon.

With DARKNESS REMAINS, the band have grown a ton. They aren’t breaking any new musical ground, but they are far tighter and much more fierce than they were on CURSE OF THE DAMNED. This California-based band are bringing it strong throughout DARKNESS REMAINS. Songs like “Maiden Hell” will have any metal head, regardless of taste, banging their head with it’s speed and power. That is a theme throughout most of the release. That said though, they show a lot of growth with songs like “Stranger In The Room”; a slow, grinding song (well, at least the beginning of it) that loses no heaviness but showcases more talent and diversity than anything they showed on CURSE OF THE DAMNED. Vocalist Jarvis Leatherby has the perfect voice for this band. He belts it out throughout songs like “Life On The Run”, and is greatly helped by his own bass playing, as well as the drumming of Dusty Squires and the great guitar work of Armand John Anthony.

PITRIFF RATING - 90/100 - Will there ever be something that excites people the way METALLICA did with KILL ‘EM ALL? Maybe like Slayer did with SHOW NO MERCY? Probably not. That said though, that era has largely stopped producing great music. There are a select few that are producing quality music though, and if you haven’t grabbed onto them, you are missing out. Night Demon may not be the best band on the planet and may not be reinventing metal, but they sure as fuck are delivering the goods for those of us that love the classic sound but are not quite ready to simply listen to our old collection exclusively. DARKNESS REMAINS is metal...period. Like it or miss out.

Chris Akin

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