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The creative and powerful outpouring of music from the revitalized Accept continues. Mark Tornillo has almost singlehandedly recharged this band that was, for all intents and purposes, dead when Udo left the band again to do U.D.O. full time. Since 2010 though, they have released 4 albums that have just been awesome. Other than the most hardcore purists (and even many of them, actually) have claimed some of the work with Tornillo to be the best of Accept’s historic career. Count me in on that. BLOOD OF THE NATIONS was pretty incredible, while BLIND RAGE and STALINGRAD were excellent as well. With THE RISE OF CHAOS, the band has returned with two new members, but no lost momentum. This is a killer release that you just can’t help but enjoy if you are a fan of this kind of metal.

Being fair, this album is not QUITE as good as the previous three. That said, that is kind of like saying sex the second time with the most beautiful supermodel on the planet wasn’t as good as the initial roll in the sheets. The songs rock hard here. Tornillo sounds great. Guitarist Wolf Hoffman and newly acquired guitarist Uwe Lulis rip through your ears on songs like “The Rise Of Chaos”. Musically, they sound excellent.

The only real complaint I have with THE RISE OF CHAOS are a couple of the songs lyrically. “Koolaid” is just dated and, well, dumb. Jonestown predates the band’s first release, so writing a lyrical song about it almost 40 years later seems a bit odd. “Hole In The Head” is full of cliched lyrics that make up it’s chorus as well. In the end though, these are minor, nitpicking things that do nothing to diminish just how listenable and entertaining this release is.

PITRIFF RATING - 90/100 - I was surprised to see that it had actually been seven years since Accept with Tornillo started releasing albums. It seems like far less time than that, primarily because these releases have been great and have never gotten “old” in the player. Accept is clearly on a roll, and THE RISE OF CHAOS proves there is no slowing down yet. Another damn fine effort.

Chris Akin



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