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There are some bands that just never seem to get that much needed break. One of those bands is Ektomorf. For years, they have been making music that sounds similar to Soulfly. In most cases, their music has been stronger than what Soulfly was putting out. While you wouldn’t expect them to get past a legendary performer like Max Cavalera, you would expect a band that’s this consistent with a sound that so many metal fans like to, at least partially, take hold. It’s just never happened with this band. In a lot of ways, they remind me of how Skinlab was a great second version of Machine Head and never got any solid run. Regardless of who’s noticing though, I’ve been for years. Ektomorf has been killing it with a catalog of music that’s incredible (for those of us that have noticed). WARPATH finds them performing at the Wacken festival in 2016, and they are as awesome as always.

Through this 47 minute, 11 song set, Ektomorf came to Wacken with a singular intent - to destroy the thousands of people in front of them. Mission accomplished. Songs like “Move On” and “Ambush In The Night” are simply fierce, leaving your head banging as they rage throughout the set. Band leader Zoltan Fargas is a dead on clone of Max Cavalera vocally. He brings that same type of energy we’ve experienced for several decades now with Cavalera, although he’s a bit more tight in his presentation. Here in the live setting, on songs like “Fuck You All”, he brings the crowd into the mix before destroying them with an almost punk/thrash hybrid attack.

PITRIFF RATING - 92/100 - The only bitch I have on this is the guitar sound is a bit muddy, but I suspect that comes from being forced to perform early in the day. No matter. Ektomorf has always been brilliant, and WARPATH proves that hasn’t changed. Go get it today!

Chris Akin


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