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Quiet Riot

ROAD RAGE, huh? Sounds more like GARAGED WHIMPER. My god is this pathetic. There is nothing at all on this release that will remind even the most casual fan of Quiet Riot. In fact, this is more likely to be mistaken for a band like Steelheart than Quiet Riot. That is, if Steelheart abandoned all sense of songwriting talent and studio prowess and released some songs they jammed and recorded on a boombox on the first day of a writing session. These songs are dreadfully weak, and pushed even lower into the depths of sewage rock by the ridiculously bad production showcased on this release. Add into that a vocalist that does not give the slightest inclination of any part of this band’s 3+ decade history, and you’ve got the formula of something that is just ridiculously bad.

You really have to feel bad for James Durbin. The kid clearly has a big voice, but the best he could find to further his career in the public eye is lending his talent to a “band” with no original members on an album that sounds like what you’d expect from a live karaoke contest. Durbin has a big voice, but hearing it on “Getaway”, and you might wonder if you accidentally started listening to a bad Firehouse demo tape somehow. Simply, I can’t get past the production on this thing. Whoever acted as producer on this won’t be using it as a resume builder to gain new clients. That’s for sure. Every aspect of it is bad. The guitars sound thin as can be. The bass has no bang to it. The drums sure do...too much as they are so far out front of everything else that they are annoying. Frankie Banali has decided that it’s better to just be a John Bonham carbon copy on songs like “Roll This Joint” than creating something that’s his own or, well, something that will remind anyone that they are listening to a Quiet Riot record. Lyrically, ROAD RAGE is just a bag of shit as well. By the time you get to the song “Freak Flag”, your head will hurt if you have any sort of musical taste at all from all the deficiencies...let alone hearing a band made up of guys nearing retirement age singing about getting their freak on.

PITRIFF RATING - 8/100 - It’s been awhile since something this bad was released by a band with significant history. Lousy songs, worse production, and a sound that has nothing to do with the history of the name written on the cover, I simply don’t believe or consider this to be Quiet Riot. Find 10 casual people that don’t follow this kind of music closely, play them any song from this release and ask them what band it is. Not a single one of them will name Quiet Riot. Not one. Embarrassing.

Chris Akin



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