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Madman’s Lullaby

More and more, I’ve been paying a lot less attention to the established bands. Instead I’ve been listening to a lot more of the smaller, somewhat independent bands that are out there. While the established acts seem content to record just enough decent material to tour on, the bands that haven’t broken through seem a lot hungrier and driven to find their core audience. One band that came across the computer screen recently was Madman’s Lullaby. Hardly a new band, they have a few releases on Spotify, but as of yet have never caught on. While they aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel here, SINS OF GREED is a pretty strong rock record that’s worth of a listen for people that like barroom rock with far better than average vocals.

Led by vocalist Chris Michaels and lead guitarist Mr. Brett, SINS OF GREED is a very catchy, crunchy hard rock record that will please fans of stuff like Dokken musically and Queensryche meets Skid Row vocally. “Makes No Sense” opens with a funky bassline from Luis Barillas before kicking into what this band does best. The song is highly catchy, and the vocals of Michaels are compelling (especially in the chorus). When I reference “Queensryche meets Skid Row”, it’s not in style as much as tone. He reminds me a lot of Todd LaTorre vocally without the extended high notes that are so perfectly mimicked from the Tate years. He also has a bit of that grit to his voice that Sebastian Bach used to separate himself from most of the other singers of the 80s. It’s a good sound. Songs like “Little Demons” have a lot of powerful guitar provided by Brett. While this guy can solo as well as anyone, his thick rhythms throughout the disc are what drives most of the songs. It’s a good sound, and overall they have captured something strong on SINS OF GREED.

PITRIFF RATING - 82/100 - Again, they aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but what Madman’s Lullaby has captured here is strong and well worth hearing if you are a hard rock/80s metal fan. Check it out.

Chris Akin

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