CMS Fan Chris W. Was unfortunately taken in as part of the entire Vinnie Vincent box set fiasco. Unfortunately for Vinnie, he is meticulous and saved everything, which he submitted to the CMS to share.

Here, in his words and with all the documentation, is his recollection of the entire fiasco:


The blue flyer is what started all this mess from the Akron KISS Convention

Can not  read it here but that is my money order receipt/carbons from November 3, 1996 made out to Metalluna Records LLC for $120.00

Fell free to do and say whatever you guys want with this stuff no need to block my name addresses etc !!!==I wish I could rattle some cages to find out how many actually got fucked like me==I was told about 300 fans/dealers/people BUT I have no clue!!

Maybe Decibel Geek/Chris Czynszak/Aaron might have interest in this because I thought about contacting them over the years during their VV Episode Specials BUT I know you guys better/longer!!


All of this was done by Vinnie there was no team, Cynthia Demming was not a real secretary it was one of VV many alias.  You will notice the dates on the letters and follow the trail of contradiction,  narcissism, Third Person, and when he knew he was in over his head the lies and bitter streak!! He started calling fans(not me)and sending us the signed personal letters, guitar picks, signed pictures, stickers, box set prototype shots/pictures,etc==anything he could to try to appease us!!! 

You will notice all the speaking, writing style, attitude(s), capitalization of his whole name, the placement of V’s such as the guitar picks that he attached in the form of a “V’ etc all matches up to the shit he wrote and did on fucking Facebook about Chris/Decibel Geek, the Birthday Bash/Farewell Back Into Hiding Letter, what and how he said/acted/talked on Lafon’s and other interviews and on and on!!!!!! 

You will see that it is in production then it is going to production then he is adding more music and stuff to it then it will go into production shortly HA!HA!HA! Started with 3 hours of music then 4 hours then 6 hours then OVER 9 HOURS HA!HA!HA!

Typical VV letters/writings =run on, back patting sessions, etc.

About a year into this fiasco I got pissed and wrote a really shitty letter to Metalluna Records/Vinnie (I might have called too)  after the “Record Company” suddenly moved from Monroe Connecticut (Vinnie’s home/birth town) to Nashville Tennessee =I remember I said something like “this just shows and proves that anyone in or associated with Gene & Paul/KISS are all scammers, scums, crooks, rip off artists and all about the $$$$$$$$$ FUCK THE FANS !!!!!!!!!”  You will notice he must have gotten it and other things due to the letter!!

After just over a year and a half this is the last stuff I received !!
He just disappeared and went into hiding because he knew he was fucked/fucked up!!

I think he started it and had full intention to deliver on it BUT several things happened and he needed /spent the $$$$$ lost interest etc :

1. All the lawsuits with VV/KISS started in the mid-late 1990’s– basically after his involvement with Revenge

2. He got more orders/response than he expected

3. Got with and Married Ace Frehley’s ex girlfriend/whore (Diana) that Ace dumped right before the KISS ReUnion….  SO I am sure as toxic and violent as that relationship was I am sure she made comments to Vinnie like I had Ace and he is now back in KISS making all this $$$$$ and I am stuck with your has been/never was/wanna be/washed up BROKE ASS!!!!!!

4. His sexuality/appearance

5. Depression /gave up hence the weight gain and lost playing skills