In this episode, Neeley and Chris take a look at the ongoing debacle between Queensryche, PledgeMusic and the Queensryche fans. The guys analyze how PledgeMusic seemingly didn’t honor their commitment to the band, and because of that why Queensryche appears to not be honoring the awards that fans purchased. Neeley and Chris offer their opinions of what happened, who’s to blame, and what should be done to rectify this ugly situation.

In this episode of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris interview vocalist Gordon Tittsworth, guitarist Byron Nemeth and drummer Steve Dorssom of Images of Eden, who have an album out called SOULRISE and are set to tour with Metal Church and Doro.

In this segment, the guys open the show bullshitting about various topics. Chris uses the dredded “F” word, and Neeley interrupts the show to counsel him with some CMS Sensitivity Training. They then talk about the upcoming Candlebox show Chris is going to, and how Neeley is almost oblivious to their music.