In this highlight, Neeley and Chris look at the indefinite suspension of a fan from Chicago Cubs’ games for an alleged racist gesture. The guys discuss how it’s nothing more than the “made you look” child’s game, that it’s NOT a racist symbol, and that the spectre of racism comes from the “goof” site 4Chan.

In this segment the guys begin talking about the trucker segment from last week. Lou from the Lou calls in to talk about the progress with his new girlfriend, before talking at length about the way he sees “race relations” in his world. This leads Neeley and Chris to talk about a comment posted on the CMS iTunes from a now ex-fan that has to leave the show behind because she feels she’s “punched in the face” by the guys “lies” on the show. It’s Interesting…to say the least!

In this segment, the guys take a call from a blind man named Brian (or B-Mac). B-Mac talks about how he ended up singing on stage with Gene Simmons at one of his solo shows, getting laid while blind, what being blind means and a lot more. Needless to say, Neeley and Chris had a lot of questions that were done as only THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW does.