In this final section of the show, Neeley and Chris talk about the New York Yankees’ decision to stop playing “God Bless America” as sun by 1930s singer Kate Smith. After hearing some of her music, the guys might agree with the decision.

Neeley and Chris talk do a segment of “Begging For Email”, in which a fan asks if they’ve ever quit being friends or decided if they couldn’t be friends based on the bands or music people listen to. This leads to them naming and sampling several bands from the 90s rock scene that they just thought sucked.

This segment starts with Neeley and Chris talking about the incredible number of shitting in the street incidents in San Francisco by listening to a report by Tim Poole. Following, they explore an activist group that is “outraged” and lives in “fear” over a Canadian hockey team’s “white out” where they wear white to support their team. Finally, caller Tim TJ James calls in to explain that in Australia, they no longer call people “disabled”, but “para-abled”.