Neeley and Chris talk about the week’s banning of many conservative voices on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They play some news coverage of this, and talk a bit at length about the banning of Louis Farrakhan. They then admit that THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW will be ending it’s daily use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the end of the month.

Neeley and Chris return after a week off to discuss the week off because of Chris’ foot injury. They then talk about Neeley’s trip out to Reggie’s in Chicago with CMS fans Taylor and Sal to see Doro and Metal Church. They also talk about some documentaries they watched and other miscellaneous things they did in the last two weeks.

In this final section of the show, Neeley and Chris talk about the New York Yankees’ decision to stop playing “God Bless America” as sun by 1930s singer Kate Smith. After hearing some of her music, the guys might agree with the decision.