In this episode of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris talk about Whitesnake vocalist David Coverdale hating producer John Kalodner. Then, they discuss a story about the “outrage” people have about Belle’s BBQ, which made shirts depicting a new kind of LGBTQ for people. They talk about the “upset” about the Laguna Beach Police Department’s American Flag logo controversy, and finally talk about a pastor that had his followers beat and stab him to depict what Jesus went through.

Neeley and Chris start THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW with Chris admitting that he’s only been awake 15 minutes prior to the start of the show. Neeley talks about how he went out today and took a photo with the Easter Bunny. They then talk about the TV show COCAINE ISLAND on Netflix, followed by Chris talking about his latest binge watching of a show called 60 DAYS IN on A&E.

Interview with Hardline vocalist Johnny Gioeli. Gioeli called in to talk about the latest release from Hardline, LIFE. He also talked about being a musician in 2019, his extensive catalog of music, his projects that are already booked for the next 3 years, and his solo album ONE VOICE. Definitely a great interview!