The CMS T-Shirts are back!

Image: Bobby Blotzer, CMS, Classic Metal Show, T-Shirt

Look as cool as this guy in your stylish CMS T-Shirt! It may not make you as incredible a drummer as he is, but it almost guarantees you’ll be just as cool! GET YOURS NOW!!

Dude’s Size


Image: CMS, The Classic Metal Show, Tits

Ladies, the shirt that will make your tits look just as delicious as can be is your CMS Ladies’ T-Shirt! Stop being a flatso and start having people want to fuck you! Get this shirt today!!

Chick’s Size

Image: Hat, CMS, Classic Metal Show

Don’t forget to cover that head! Not everyone can have the incredible hair Chris has, so the CMS have made some hats to cover that balding mess you have! Get yours today and stop looking like your grandfather’s sick old friend in the Nursing Home!